How To Use Metal Netting For Pigeon Prevention

Metal netting for pigeon prevention is often used as a non-harmful method to keep pigeons at bay and away from properties. Using many of the repellants found on the market is not a very effective measure. Often the bird simply ignores the sights, sound and smells you have deployed to keep them away. If they do work you'll need to reapply them often. On the other hand, netting has many advantages. While it may be costlier than using repellants for bird removal, it is an investment that will be used for years to come. Also, because it does not hurt the birds in any way, it is considered a much more humane method to deal with the pest.

You can use metal netting for pigeon prevention on your property, as well. The whole idea is to keep pigeons from landing on areas of your property, where they can start wreaking havoc. Because they leave their feces all over the place, they represent a danger for human health. You can get the metal netting at a local home improvement store and it's often not too pricey. You'll use it to exclude them from areas they keep returning to. You can also use it to cover places they roost which will deter them from wanting to roost there again.

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